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I want to play a game!

This poem is based on real-life events.

W: Let’s play a game?

M: Ok, what game would you like to play?

W: A game called ‘push & pull’.

M: So what’s this game about?

W: You push somebody away and then pull the person back again.

M: Sounds a bit stupid.

W: It’s not. It’s fun. You try to push somebody as far away from you as possible before pulling them back.

M: And how do you push them away and pull them back?

W: Pushing them away by saying ugly things. By saying things that are not true. Things you don’t mean. And doing things that hurt that person’s feelings. Then pull them back again by saying sweet things. By being nice. Extremely nice and sweet. By saying things you actually mean. By being considerate and understanding.

M: I don’t get it. Where’s the fun in this game?

W: If you push somebody so far away from you that you think you won’t be able to pull them back, it gives you a kick to try it anyway and then realise that you actually can!

M: But that’s playing with somebody’s feelings!

W: It is, obviously. But it’s fun. Everybody does it.

M: I don’t think I would enjoy that, really.

W: Come on, don’t be boring. Let’s try it at least?

M: No, I don’t think I want to try.

W: Just once. If you don’t like it, we’ll stop, ok?

M: Once. But I can’t promise I’ll enjoy it,

W: That’s ok. Shall I start?

M: Sure, if you want.

W: Your mother and daughter are dirty prostitutes with sexual diseases and you are the biggest dick I’ve ever seen with the smallest dick I’ve ever seen.

M: Congratulations. You won. You actually pushed me so far away that you can’t even see me anymore. Find yourself another DICK to pull.


Have a nice week and for those people flying with Malaysian this week: Good luck.


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